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Pregnant women undergo the Seemantham function to ensure a smooth and healthy delivery of the baby. The mother and the unborn child receive beneficial energy from the Vedic mantras performed during Seemantham.



Seemantham is a collection of Vedic rites and poojas carried out for the benefit of expectant mothers. It guarantees a smooth and safe birth of the infant. The mother’s womb is safeguarded by the Udaka Shanthi mantras performed during Seemantha.

Important poojas like Punyahavachanam, Kalasa Stapanam, Udaka Shanthi, homams, and Kalasabhishekam for the Mother are among the Seemantham rites. The mother’s strength is boosted by pure Kalasa water, enabling her to have a robust, healthy kid.

Flower Decoration for the Mother and  Bangle cermony were also performed.


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