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Ayudha Pooja


The Navrathri festival includes a ceremony known as Ayutha Pooja, which is another name for Worship of Instruments. This pooja’s three main deities are Saraswathi, Lakshmi, and Parvathi.

In this pooja, various pieces of machinery that are employed in homes, workplaces, shops, industries, small enterprises, or large offices are worshipped. Additionally, this pooja is carried out for all of a person’s cars, which are then decorated with manjal, santhanam, and kumkum.



The ninth day of Navratri is when Ayudha Pooja is celebrated. God is thought to be present in all of the products, materials, and equipment used in daily life.

In order to ensure that all forms of equipment have a long lifespan and are used efficiently, this pooja is performed by first decorating each type of equipment with Santhanam, Kumkum, and flowers. Next, Ganapathy and a Lakshmi pooja are performed.

When Should An Ayudha Pooja Be Done?
The ninth day of Navaratri is when this Pooja is conducted. It can be done in the office, a store, or at home.


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