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Ayushya Homam


Ayusha Homam is performed to worship the God of life (Ayur Devata). In general, it bestows longevity and good health.



The purpose of Ayusha Homam is to enhance one’s health. Ayur devata is invoked and the Ayush Shuktha mantra is used to perform this homam.

This homam can be used as a potent remedy to restore health and get rid of harmful yogas for any adult or child who is ill, under physical strain, or who has a child with a Balarishta Yoga in their birth chart.

When Should Ayusha Homam Be Performed?
Set the Homam date in accordance with the Janma Nakshatra of the individual.

  • For Children: Their first birthday, when they get their ears pierced, and whenever they are sick.
  • Adults: This can be done at any age, although it is typically done in the 60th, 70th, and 80th years of each decade, or even earlier to ensure their excellent health.


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