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The list of poojas and rituals carried out prior to moving into a new home is known as Griha Pravesham. It is the procedure of using Vedic mantras to purify the new house and create tranquilly for happy living.

Before moving into a home, whether rented or owned, it is required. After completing Grihapravesam, the Dweller may enter a property and move things within



The series of poojas and homams performed for a new home or before moving in for the first time is known as Griha Pravesham/Housewarming. Hindus believe that boiling milk and letting the milk overflow will ensure riches, health, and happiness in one’s life.

Offering a white pumpkin to drive Drishti out of the family and the new home follows the completion of this puja procedure. This pooja aids in clearing the home or area of any bad energy. It removes the Drishti and makes it easier to live peacefully and without hassle in a new home.

After performing Gho Pooja, Ganapathi Pooja, Grihapravesham, Punyaha Vachanam, Maha Sankalpam, Kalasha Pooja, Aavahanam, and Vastu Pooja, homams such Ganapathi Homam and Navagraha are performed.


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