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Lakshmi Narayana Homam


The Lakshmi Narayana Homam offers independence from financial hardship, success in all your pursuits, and financial success. helps a person amass a large amount of material fortune. assists in achieving all the material and spiritual rewards.



Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Narayana are honoured during the Lakshmi Narayana Homam. The goddess Lakshmi is associated with fortune, fertility, money, prosperity, light, and knowledge. Additionally known as the Maha Vishnu, Narayana (the destroyer of evil).

Invoking Lakshmi and Narayana, chanting the Lakshmi Narayana Mantra, and then performing the homam are the steps in this ritual. By doing so, you will obtain their blessings.

When Should Lakshmi Narayana Homam Be Performed?
For conducting Lakshmi Narayana homam, Pournami, Saturdays, Ekadasi, or Fridays are the most advantageous days.

  • Lakshmi Narayana Homam Benefits: Aids in achieving financial stability.
  • helps to prevent arguments or misunderstandings between partners and encourages living a happy life.
  • aids in obtaining the ancestors’ blessings.


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