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Pavamana Homam




Pavamana Homam is a complex and intricate Vedic Fire-Ceremony offering Ahutis (Food) to the Hindu deities like Lord Vishnu, Lord Soma or Lord Hanuman chanting Pavamana Sooktam seeking benevolence, great improvements, health, wealth and prosperity.

Pavamanasuktam is a very famous chant from the Vedic tradition. Pavamana Sooktam is found in the Navama Mandala of Rigveda Samhita that forms a part of Smritis. Pavamanahoma finds mention in Taittiriyopanishat and BruhadAranyaka. It is a very powerful homa that cures the past errors or sins. Consisting of 710 Mantras, Pavamana sukta is about praising Sri Vishnu, Sri Pavamana or Sri Vayudevaru (Hanuman) and Sri Somadeva (Chandra).  Parayan or Chanting the highly sanctified Pavamana Sooktam is said to yield all our desires (Sarvakaamapradaayini). It is often chanted to help clean/refine energy be it in a place or a person. Many times when entering a new house or space of work, this chant was recited to purify the space of its past energy so that a new positive beginning could be commenced. Pavamana Homam is said to be capable of curing sins accumulated due to four Maha Paatakas.

By conducting Pavamana Homa anyone can get rid of bad elements like spirits and long-term illnesses as per experts. Pavamana Homa can get rid of all the sins or the bad karmas we have accumulated in our life, like we burn up the dry grass in a jiffy.

Pavamana Sukta is also used in healing, when dark energy such as past traumas, abuses or impressions from abuse/violence needs to be transformed. Both Listening and learning to chant this can be very helpful in a number of circumstances.


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