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Rudra Homam


Lord Shiva is placated by the ritual known as Rudra Homa. Shiva’s name is Rudra (the destroyer of all the forces of evil). He offers you inner peace, a sense of accomplishment, and all the joys of this world since he is the Supreme Lord of the universe.

Rudra is in charge of the nine planets, and as a result, he is in charge of all of space and time. By reviving the person battling death or other terminal illnesses, this homa slows down the progress of death and bestows excellent health on them.



Lord Shiva is appeased by Rudra Homam (the destroyer of death). By resolving our bad karma from earlier births, Shri Rudra Homam frees us from accidents, life-threatening illnesses, and premature death.

This homam is performed in order to defeat Mrityu and win Jaya (death). The Rudram mantra is chanted, the Ganapathy pooja is conducted, and finally the homam is carried out according to the shastras.

Here are some different varieties of rudra homam.

  • Rudra Eka Homam
  • Rudra Ekadasa Homam
  • Rudra Homam Ekadashini
  • Homam Maha Rudra
  • Rudra Athi Homam

When Should Rudra Homam Be Performed?
A person whose horoscope has the dosha or who is experiencing it can choose their homam date based on their Janma Nakshatra.


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