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Sahasrachandra Darshana Shanthi


When the 81st year begins or when the 80th year is over, the couple is given a special series of poojas and ceremonies known as a sathabhishekam. This 80th birthday pooja is typically organised by the couple’s children or in-laws, younger siblings, or relatives. One of the most important poojas in our Hindu traditions is this one.



The family gathers to perform the Ayul Shanthi Homams and Kalasa abhisekam, followed by the exchange of garlands for the couple to receive the Lord’s blessings, to mark the man’s entry into his 81st year, or Sathabhishekam (80th Birthday Pooja).

Due to the ceremony’s beneficial effects on the couple’s health and longevity, Sathabhishekam is also known as Ayul Shanthi Homam. The man begins to improve their spirituality once it is supposed that they have seen 1000 full moons in their lifetime. The ceremony was witnessed by the couple’s family and friends who had gathered at a function venue, temple, or even at their residence.


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