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Sudarshana Homam


For the Lord Sudarshana, who appears as a chakra, Sudarsana Homam is offered. We are shielded from the powers of black magic and the evil eye by doing Sudarsana Homam, which also helps prevent untimely accidents. It increases the environment’s energy level and gets rid of unwanted things.



By engaging in Sudarsana Homam, we are shielded from negative influences, unwanted components are removed, and the energy level in the atmosphere is raised. One of Lord Vishnu’s most potent avatars is regarded to be Lord Sudarshana.

The Sudarshana Chakra, a potent weapon, is held in the right hand of Lord Vishnu. In Tamil, he is also known as Chakarath Aalwar. It offers relief from all your difficulties by defending one against one’s adversaries and destroying evil Drishti.

This homam is performed by calling upon Lord Sudarshanar, chanting the Lord Sudarshana Mantra, performing the homam, and then asking for Lord Sudarshanar’s blessings.

When Should Sudarsana Homam Be Performed?
Set the homam date taking into account the Janma Nakshatra of the individual and the Yoga, and Thithi of that specific day. For doing Sudarsana homam, Saturdays, Ekadasi, and Pournami are also regarded as favourable days.


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