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Sumangali Pooja


The Sumangali women of a family perform Sumangali Pooja. This pooja is performed in order to obtain the blessings of the family’s ancestral Sumangali women. This is done in hopes of good fortune for the family and the husband’s health.



In honour of old women who passed away while their husband was still living, umangali Pooja is performed. It has been noted that the ancestors take part in this pooja as well. Most often, all the family’s female members participate in this pooja.

This pooja’s practise entails asking the spirits of the dead for their blessings. The family’s Sumangali women make phone calls to other Sumangali women in the area or to friends, and they each receive a new saree along with the Sumangali kit. Then is done the pooja for the ancestors’ ladies.

When Should Sumangali Pooja Be Performed?

  • According to a person’s Janma Nakshatra, choose any lucky date for the pooja.
  • Also carried out prior to the beginning of any auspicious family ceremonies, such as marriages, seemantham, etc.


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