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One of the 16 sanskaras is Aksharabhyasa, which should be performed when a child reaches the age of two years and older. By conducting the Aksharabhyasam pooja, one seeks the blessings of Matha Saraswati and Lord Ganesh to begin their educational life effectively.



The newborn is initiated for schooling through a religious ceremony called Aksharabhyasa, also known as Vidhyarambham. With the blessings of Lord Ganesha and Matha Saraswati, the child is prepared for official school education by performing this ceremony in accordance with the shastras.

One of the Sodas Sankara (16 Sanskaras), which every Hindu must go through, is this rite. In Sanskrit, the word “Akshara” means “alphabets.” To practise is to abhyasam. The goal of Aksharabhyasam is to introduce the youngster to letter writing. Typically, this ceremony is held when the child is two or two and a half years old.

When Should I Practice Aksharabhyasa?
On auspicious days like Vasant Panchami, Vijaya Dasami, Saraswati Pooja Day, Guru Poornima, Dussehra, Navaratri, Sravana Pournami, Poornima, Ugadi, or Gudi Pudva Day, or any other favourable muhurta dates, this ceremony is typically conducted.

The performance of the Aksharabhyasa Ceremony aids a kid in receiving the blessings of Matha Saraswati and Ganesh. For Aksharabhyasa, reserve Purohit. All the Pooja Samagri will be brought by Purohit. Each Purohit has a wealth of knowledge and has attended Vedic Pathshala.


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