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The Upanayanam ceremony is another name for the Upanayanam ceremony. When the “Boy kid” of the family is prepared to learn the Vedic mantras and go on a new adventure as he matures into an adult, it is done to him.



When a boy reaches the appropriate age where he is prepared to learn all the Vedas, mantras, and conduct sandhyavandhanam every day, an upanayanam ceremony is held for him. Wearing the sacred white thread (three white threads), deerskin used during the Gayathri Japa is the process.

Brahmopadesam and Yagnopavidam are the two primary rites practised during Upanayanam. The entire ritual will be carried out in accordance with the relevant family Vedas—Yajur, Rig, Adarvana, or Sama—and their associated mantras by the vadhyar. The Upanayanam Pooja Ritual must include Udaka Shanthi and Nandhi.

When Should Upanayanam Be Performed?
This ceremony is performed by setting a Muhurta for when the male child turns 8 years old, according to the boy’s birth Nakshatra.


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